Our patterned rugs are available in a range of designs and colours, and at ChangeSpace you can be assured that you’re also getting the highest quality handmade patterned rugs available. The main material used to produce these rugs is wool, but they also contain some other ingredients which add durability to their comfortable feel. These other materials include, linen, polyamide, tencel, and polyester, while our Illusion range of patterned rugs is made up of 50% wool and 50% bamboo for a unique look and feel.

The pattern designs range from the more traditional looks which are ideal for the front of a fireplace, or as an extra piece of carpet in a large kitchen, to more contemporary looking pieces which can be used as a centrepiece or talking point in any room. The wide range of designs available mean that these patterned rugs can be used in any room of the house. Each line of rugs has it’s own characteristics, and can then be customised further by choosing the appropriate colour and size. They come in various pile heights and are produced using tufted and/or woven methods, and like all our rugs are long lasting as well as easy on the eye (and the feet!).

To customise these rugs further you can contact us to discuss our bespoke rugs service which gives you the option to create your own rug from the various designs and styles we have available. Feel free to get in touch via the forms our website or by using the phone numbers listed below to discuss the perfect rug for your home.