Our natural rugs range is home to a selection of rugs which come in a number of different styles, materials, and looks. The nature of this line is that it fits perfectly with the rest of your room, blending in subtly with their surroundings. These rugs are ideal for living rooms or dining rooms where the aim is to add a stylish rug to a particular space, but also not alter the look of the room too drastically. Their design is plain while also being stylish and contemporary, and they’re sure to be a perfect addition to that space in your home which needs a little extra class.

The Diamond line of natural rugs adds a traditional homely feel to a living room with its diamond pattern, comfortable feel, and hard-wearing qualities which are perfect for areas which receive a lot of traffic. This rug is made from a mixture of fabrics, but predominantly contains wool and linen. It is finished off with polyester and viscose fabrics which add a hard-wearing layer to the softness of the other materials. The Alaska line is made up of similar materials and is also jacquard woven, while the Abaca rug is made with 100% abaca fibres and has a higher pile than the other two rugs in this range.

Each rug is available in a range of sizes, but if you wish to further customise the rug to fit snugly into that vacant area of your come then you can contact us to discuss our bespoke service, either via this website or over the phone.