Our Linear rugs selection includes a couple of unique looking designs which could add to an area of interest in your home. These rugs catch the eye and add a new dimension to the space they occupy, while also providing a comfortable but durable floor covering. These geometrically styled pieces of carpet can add style which compliments your current decor, and the materials they’re made from also produce some interesting results.

The Digital rug is made from 40% wool and 60% bamboo, giving it a very unique look and feel. It’s a tufted indoor rug which is can be placed in areas of heavy traffic, or as an additional floor covering to add life to an area of a bedroom or bathroom. The Tribu Glam line is a rug made up from a mixture of wool and polyester, and takes the linear designs to new eye catching levels. It’s woven production gives a lower pile height than the Digital rug, but it’s a hard-wearing and long lasting product which can be walked upon repeatedly with no wear.

The designs of these rugs make them perfect for minimal or quirky areas of the home, or they can add an air of uniqueness to an area of the living room or dining room which needs sprucing up. Custom sizes are available by contacting us either via our website or over the phone. We also offer a bespoke service which allows you to design and edit your own rug to the dimensions and style of your choice.