Cut Pile

Our selection of cut pile rugs are available in a wide range of sizes and materials, ensuring that you get the perfect rug for your home. There are also plenty of different colours and designs to choose from, which mean you’ll be able to find a rug which fits perfectly with your current decor, and adds a new dimension to your room. Cut pile rugs are finished by cutting and exposing the end of the fibre to give a soft feel and a luxurious look. They are comfortable to walk on and come in a range of different pile heights which give each rug its own unique look and feel.

Our Prestige rug is made from 100% silk and comes in a number of colours including gun metal, wood smoke, pebble, mist, and the mysterious pirate black. The combination of the cut pile style and silk material makes this rug really soft to the touch, and is perfect for any room inside the house. The Queen Silk rug is a 50-50 wool/silk mix, and also comes in a variety of colours and shades. The Pasha rug is 100% wool, while the Astral version of these rugs is made from 100% bamboo which gives a very unique look and feel.

All of these rugs can be customised to fit into the space in your home, and you can contact us via the bespoke rugs area of our site form more information on designing your own rug.