Our luxurious cowhide rugs are perfect to add an extra dimension to any room in your home. The rugs are handmade to the highest of standards, and contain 100% cowhide meaning that you can be sure you’re getting a premium quality product when you order from ChangeSpace.

Whether you want a soft, comfortable, and centrepiece for your living room, or are looking to liven up a dining room or study, there are a number of styles available to suit your requirements. For the ultimate bespoke purchase, our cowhide rugs can also be customised on request, allowing you to get the perfect fit for the space you want to fill with one of these deluxe products. They come in a range of colours and patterns, and have been produced using traditional handmade methods, ensuring that they’re durable as well as eyecatchng.

There are various colour and design options. Our Pinto cowhide rug is a tiled design, and the separate squares of cowhide have been assembled together to produce a stylish but traditional patchwork look. The Greystone rug combines dark and light shades which gives a contemporary feel, while the Cubic rug uses an array of silver shapes to produce an interesting addition to any space. For more information on designing your own bespoke cowhide rug, use the form below to contact ChangeSpace for more information, and we’ll make sure that you’re able to find a style and size which will be a perfect addition to the existing decor of your home.