We sell a variety of woven rugs at ChangeSpace, and when you shop with us you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality premium rug on the market. Woven rugs are created using a loom where many yarns can be used for one rug, varying in colour and material. Most of these rugs are made from wool and a mixture of other materials, except for the Trendy range which is 100% viscose. These include wool and linen mixes and also some synthetic fibres which can help hold the natural materials together ensuring durability.

Great care and attention is taken when producing a woven rug, and because of this they guarantee a luxurious top of the range piece of carpet. These rugs can be used anywhere in the house and come in a wide range of colours and sizes. They are a luxurious item which can add life to any room while also fitting in with your existing decor. As you can see below, we stock many different types of woven rug, and with the customisation available on each you’ll be sure to find the right rug for you.

Our woven rugs come in a range of standard sizes, but if you want to create one which fits the exact dimensions of that space in your home, you can use our bespoke rug service. Contact us using the telephone number at the bottom of this page, or by filling in one of the contact forms dotted around our site.