Tufted & Woven

At ChangeSpace we sell a range of premium tufted and woven rugs. While we produce rugs using these methods individually, this selection of rugs combines both production methods to create something fairly unique. These high quality pieces are produced using a combination of tufting and weaving. Our tufted rugs are produced by injecting the chosen material through a blank canvas base before finishing off the front and the back of the rug. The back is coated using what is called a "scrim" which bonds the material to the base, ensuring the rug can withstand heavy use. Then the tufts are either looped or cut depending on the required pile.

Our tufted and woven rugs combine this method with some added weaving to produce an extra pattern or to add more solidity to the base. The designs are tufted through the rug, while the weave offers the hard-wearing part of the carpet. The Shaman rug is an interesting design with a pile height of 16mm. It’s a 50% wool, 50% polyamide rug which offers a unique solution to filling a space on bare or wooden floor, or covering an area of carpet in the home. The Illusion rug is similarly unique, and the tufted areas are designed to produce star shapes across the rug, but these are subtle and not overbearing and will fit in with your existing decor.

The tufted and woven rugs are available in a range of colours, shades and sizes, and if you can’t find the exact size you’re after in our list of standard sizes, then you could always make use of our bespoke rug service.