Tufted rugs are popular for indoor use and at ChangeSpace we stock only the highest quality rugs, produced using only the finest materials. These rugs are produced using tufting tools which push the material through an existing piece of backing fabric. The back of the rug is then coated with a bonding agent, which strengthens the fabric and holds everything together.

Depending on the type of finish required, the yarn used is either looped to create a cut loop pile, or the ends are cut off creating a cut pile. These different finishes create subtle differences to the feel of the rug, and you could try this for yourself by requesting one of our samples. At ChangeSpace we use various different materials and finishes for our tufted rugs, meaning that we have a style to suit any taste. From the 100% wool of the Pasha rug, to the silk and wool mix of our Queen Silk line; we use a range of materials and also have the Vintage range which is 100% viscose.

They’re available in a number of colours, and there are shades to suit any existing decor. The rugs are available in a range of standard sizes, but you can also use our bespoke rugs service to produce a rug unique to your space. Browse our selection of rugs by clicking on the individual products below. Each has it’s own colour selction and unique characteristics. For more information contact us using the phone number or contact forms which are dotted around the site. We look forward to hearing from you!