Traditional Method

The natural beauty of traditional rugs can be seen in these premium quality cowhide rugs from ChangeSpace. Our traditional rugs come in patchwork form meaning that they are easier to customise and can be made into a number of different, eye catching designs. Where as a single piece of cowhide offers limited coverage and very little in the way of design options, these rugs combine traditional patchwork production with the luxury of the natural cowhide material.

We stock a range of attractive designs which should suit any taste, and our pieces are available in a variety of colours but most are based on the natural hue of the material. These traditional rugs are an ideal centrepiece for any living room, but can also be used elsewhere in the house to add a luxury feel to any space in any room. Our Sphere rug is one of the most unique rugs in our range. It’s a conversation piece: a comfortable piece of art on the floor.

These products are available in a number of standard rug sizes but if you want to customise your purchase you can, by contacting us and asking about our bespoke rugs service. You can find our telephone number at the bottom of this page, or use one of the contact forms dotted around the site. We would love to hear from you, and would be happy to assist you in creating your own personal traditional rug.