Jacquard Woven

The range of jacquard woven rugs at ChangeSpace are made from only the finest materials available, meaning when you shop with us you are sure to get the highest quality premium rugs around. Jacquard woven rugs are produced on a special loom fitted with a mechanism which creates the jacquard pattern. They allow for more complex and elaborate designs as the warp threads on the fabric can be lifted at any point depending on the design required.

Our selection includes the Alaska and Diamond pieces, both of which contain intricate designs which add to the luxurious high quality look and feel of these rugs. These lines are made from a wool and linen mix, along with some synthetic fabrics which bolster the makeup of the rug and give a durable robust piece of carpet. The fact that they are almost 50% wool also makes them soft to the touch, making them ideal for indoor use.

They come in a range of colours and shades and are a subtle addition to the decor of any room or space. They can also be used in public places such as hotels or offices, providing a homely feel to any place of work our guest house. At ChangeSpace our rugs come in a wide variety of standard sizes, but if you want to really personalise your piece of carpet then you can use our bespoke rugs service to create the perfect product for your chosen setting.