Hand Woven

A large selection of the highest quality hand woven rugs are available at ChangeSpace. These handmade products are created with great care and attention, producing hard-wearing premium pieces of carpet which add an element of luxury to any space. Hand woven rugs are built to withstand heavy use, and because of this they can even be used outdoors. They are also good for indoor use where a sturdy piece of rug is required to protect existing carpets, or act as an extra layer for furniture to stand on.

They are ideal in dining rooms as they can withstand heavy dining room tables, and can also be used around entrances and exits where there’s a lot of traffic. They are also useful for hotel foyers and busy offices, and can also be used outside on patios or beside pools. Hand woven rugs are created in a traditional way by stretching the material over a hand operated loom. The materials are woven into each other to create the rug, and the material used depends on what the rug is designed for.

Our range includes a number of synthetic rugs which are some of the most durable pieces of carpet available, while there is also the abaca indoor rug which is created using woven abaca fibres. The pieces are sold in a number of standard sizes, but if you want real customisation you can use our bespoke service to create a rug which fits perfectly in the space you wish to fill.