Hand Knotted

At ChangeSpace our hand knotted rugs are made using the highest quality materials ensuring that you get the best premium rugs on the market. Our hand knotted rugs are produced using 100% wool, and the natural material adds to the look, feel, and durability of these excellent pieces.

The Mystic line of rugs comes in a patchwork design with a number of different patterns, colours, and shades. These can range from bold colours which add life to any room, to subtle shades which complement the existing decor in your home. Colours available include purple, red, orange, green, grey, and black — so as you can see they range from loud to low-key and there should be something for everyone. Hand knotted rugs can often be very oriental in their look as this method of production is used to create Turkish, Persian, and Spanish style carpets. Knotted rugs and carpets create a raised pile as the tops of the hand made knots are cut off to create that luxurious feel.

Our range of rugs have the traditional look but with a modern twist. Their patchwork design combines the Persian production method with a more contemporary look, and the wool material makes them soft to the touch. All of our rugs are available in a range of sizes, and these hand knotted rugs are no different. If you can’t find the right size in our selection of standard sizes, you could always use our bespoke rugs service to help create a rug which is perfect for your space.