Wool is one of the most natural looking materials available when it comes to rug production, and at ChangeSpace we sell some of the highest quality handmade wool rugs around. The majority of the rugs in our premium selection contain some kind of wool or wool mix. The material is popular because it is both soft and hard wearing, and also lends itself well to being dyed, meaning that it’s a good material for producing colourful designs.

We sell wool rugs which come mixed with a number of different materials including synthetics such as viscose and polyamide, and other materials such as linen and bamboo silk. Rugs which have a silk and wool mix are popular due to the mixture of quality and durability offered by the two materials, and many of our premium rugs contain a mixture of the two materials.

Our Pasha and Mystic rugs are made from 100% wool, so if you’re looking for a pure wool rug then these are the ones for you. The Pasha is a tufted, cut pile rug available in two different shades with a pile height of 15mm. This is a luxurious, subtle piece which blends in well with most existing decors, while adding a touch of class to the space it occupies. The Mystic rug is a patchwork rug which is more eye catching and is available in colours rather than shades. It has a lower pile height of 5mm, and is hand knotted.

We have various sizes available, and if you use our bespoke rugs service you can design a rug to your exact specifications.