Our selection of viscose rugs includes two designs which are made entirely from viscose. At ChangeSpace you can be sure that you’re getting the highest quality rugs available, and that they are made with the greatest care and attention. Viscose is a synthetic material which lends itself to stylish and luxurious design. These are perfect decorative rugs used as centrepieces for a living room or bedroom, and the various designs available can complement existing decor.

Some of our other viscose rugs are made using a mix of viscose and other more natural materials. Our Diablo rug, for example, is made mostly from wool and linen, but adds the synthetic elements of viscose and polyester to bring the whole thing together. This rug is woven meaning that all the materials combine with each other during the production process, and it’s available in a number of colours. The Trendy and Vintage rugs are made from 100% viscose and are woven and tufted respectively. Both of these rugs have a cut loop finish and a pile height of between 8mm and 10mm. They’re available in a range of colours and sizes, and can be customised to fit any existing decor.

If you can’t find the right colour and size for your space, contact us either by phone or via the website to discuss or bespoke rugs service which allows you to design a rug to your own specifications.