Tencel rugs are a relatively new addition to the market, and at ChangeSpace we sell the highest quality rugs made from this eco friendly material. Tencel is sourced from sustainable plant materials. The trees used to produce the fibres are fast growing, managed on sustainable tree farms, and requires less land to produce than other fibres. The material holds and maintains its colour long after production, meaning that these rugs are both environmentally friendly, comfortable, and attractive.

The rugs we stock are made from tencel plus a mix of other natural materials such as wool, and synthetic fibres such as polyamide. The mixture of materials is either woven or tufted to create a long-lasting, durable piece of carpet. Our Infinity rug is made mostly of wool with some tencel added into the mix. This woven rug is a silver patterned piece and is available in a number of standard sizes. The Elite rug is a mixture of wool, tencel, and polyamide, meaning that you get all the natural qualities of a wool and tencel rug plus the robustness of the synthetic fibre to hold it all together. This tencel rug is tufted to a pile height of 15mm, and comes in a number of luxurious different patterns.

If you can’t find the size for the particular space you want to fill among our standard sizes, then why not contact us about our bespoke rug service using the telephone number and contact forms on this website.