Our silk rugs are some of the highest quality premium pieces of carpet available. All are handmade using tufted or woven methods of production, and all will add an element of luxury to your home. At ChangeSpace we sell a range of different silk rugs which come as 100% silk, or made using a wool and silk mix.

The Prestige rug is 100% silk, and comes in a range of different colours and shades. It’s a luxurious premium product which adds a touch of glamour to any space. There are dark and light shades available, and it’s produced in a cut pile style which gives an extra soft touch when walked on in bare feet. The other rugs in this range are half wool and half silk. The wool mix adds extra durability to the rug meaning that they can be used in slightly busier areas than a rug which is made entirely of silk. They come in a range of different sizes and designs, and are tufted using cut pile or cut loop finishes.

We offer a number of standard sizes, but if you want something more unique to fit a specific area in your home, then you can use our bespoke rug service. Contact us using the telephone number below, or by using one of the contact forms on our website to discuss the creation of a rug which is right for you.