At ChangeSpace we sell a range of high quality designer polyester rugs which are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes. The polyester material, when mixed with other fibres such as wool and viscose, can provide a rug which is ideal for most areas of the home or workplace. The nature of the synthetic material can add an extra glean to the colours of these rugs, meaning that their design can stand out more than it does on natural fibres. The combination of synthetic polyester rugs with wool and linen mixed in means that these products are both long-lasting and comfortable.

Our range includes a number of premium lines including the Tribu Glam rug which is made up of 76% wool and 24% polyester. This rug has a striking linear design, and mixes bold colours with subdued shades which offers a unique addition to any space. The Diablo rug consists mostly of wool and linen, but the 5% polyester adds an extra bit of shine and mixes with the other materials to make the piece of carpet more durable and hard-wearing. The Alaska rug contains a similarly small amount of polyester, and is a basic angled design available in a number of shades including beiges and greys.

All of our rugs are available in a number of standard sizes, but for further customisation you can use our bespoke rug service which allows you to create a premium rug which fits perfectly into your home or place of work.