Our selection of polyamide rugs are ideal for busy areas of the home where both durability and comfort are required. They can also be used in busy offices, workplaces, or hotel foyers, thanks to their long-lasting material. Polyamide is a synthetic fibre which offers a hard-wearing but comfortable solution for protecting carpet or adding an extra dimension to a space in your home. It also means that the rugs are easy to maintain, and they can be used in high traffic areas thanks to their ability to retain shape even after heavy use.

Despite a focus on robustness, they are also available in fairly high piles which give the rugs a high quality luxurious feel when walked upon. Our range of polyamide rugs includes the Shaman line which has a pile height of 16mm and comes in a number of different colours and shades including silver, blue and amber. The Infinity rug has a lower pile and is woven rather than tufted, while the Elite rug has a pile of 15mm throughout and has been tufted by hand.

All of these rugs are available in a range of sizes, but for further personalisation you can use our bespoke rugs service to be sure you get the rug which is perfect for the area you wish to fill. Contact us using the phone number below or by filling in one of the forms on our website if you require more information on these designer rugs.