At ChangeSpace we offer a range of premium quality designer linen rugs, and all our ranges are available in a wide selection of colours and sizes. Linen is a popular material due to its combination of comfort and strength. When used to produce rugs it gives the piece of carpet a luxurious look and feel but also provides a long lasting product.

Our high quality linen rugs are available in three different designs, but each is customisable when it comes to both size and colour, making it easy for you to find the perfect rug for your home. Our linen rugs are woven using a mixture of materials which add to the rugs sturdiness and durability. These hard-wearing rugs are made from a mixture of wool, linen and other materials which make them ideal for use in the busy areas of your home or office.

The Diablo line is an eye catching design which consists of a number of coloured shapes, and these are available in a range of shades which includes blues, reds, and browns. The Diamond rug is a plain, single colour rug, but the material is woven into diamond shapes to add interest and give the carpet a luxury look and feel. The Alaska rug is similarly woven, but the materials are arranged in diagonal lines. All of our rugs are available in bespoke sizes and colours, meaning you can design a rug which fits your needs, and can slot nicely into any area.