Glass Fibre

Our fibreglass rugs come in a wide selection of colours and shades, and are the perfect addition to an outdoor or indoor space. They can be used in an outdoor setting thanks to the toughness of their design and hard-wearing material, which is made up of recycled vinyl yarns. They are also hand woven so you can be sure that great care and attention is taken over their production. They can be used indoors beside fireplaces as the resistant fibreglass materials present in the rug prevent embers damaging the rug or carpet underneath.

The Poolside rug is made using 90% polyester and 10% fibreglass, which means it is one of our most durable rugs. It is available in a range of colours including black ink, mahogany, and pebblestone. As it’s name suggests, this fibreglass rug is ideal for use beside pools or other similar areas in the home or in hotels. It can be used in gym rooms or garages, and is perfect for use in workplaces and offices as well has homes.

It requires little to no maintenance, and can stand the test of time even in the highest traffic areas. It will resist the elements if used outside, and withstand the busiest areas indoors. These rugs can be ordered in a number of sizes, and if you use our bespoke rugs service you will be able to design the rug to fit perfectly in your space. Call us today or contact us using the forms on our website to find the ideal rug for you.