Cowhide is a naturally luxurious material which lends itself ideally to the creation of rugs and carpet. Rather than using one large piece of material to create the rug, our cowhide rugs are created using a patchwork technique which results in a product which fits snugly into that space in your home. The patchwork elements also add to the design of these rugs. You’ll still get the prime quality pieces of cowhide but also get a design which is often unattainable using this material.

Cowhide rugs are naturally coloured in shades of grey, but at ChangeSpace we still have a wide variety of other shades available. Our Sphere rug is one of the most unique premium rugs on the market, and as well as being a high quality rug is an interesting talking point to add to any home. The Pinto rug is made up of classic cowhide shades of grey with the odd hint of brown, while the Greystone design is also an eye catching range of cowhide colours. These rugs are available in a range of sizes, and because they are patchwork they can be customised further. To add your own personal touch to the rug you choose, you can use our bespoke rugs service by contacting us today.

We are available using the telephone number at the bottom of this page, or you can fill in the form located on any of our product pages and we’ll help you to find the perfect cowhide rug.