At ChangeSpace we have a selection of high quality hand made bamboo rugs to light up any room. They are available in a selection of tufted, hand tufted and woven designs, and these can be tailored to a suitable colour and size. Our bamboo silk rugs are made from either 100% bamboo, or a mixture of bamboo and wool. The wool mix rugs provide a tougher, more durable rug onto which furniture can be placed. These can also be used in busy areas as they’ll withstand plenty of walking on.

The 100% bamboo silk rugs on the other hand are more delicate, but this gives them a softer more luxurious feel. These rugs are ideal centrepieces which only get stood on by a few people and are free from furniture. Bamboo silk is becoming a popular alternative to silk, and it’s also eco-friendly as the wood which produces the silk is a renewable material and grows in 6 year cycles. It’s a 100% natural product, and when sourced properly is effectively a renewable wood.

Our Astral rugs are made from 100% bamboo and are available in a range of colours and shades. The pile is fairly high to give a premium quality look and a luxurious feel, and the rug is also hand tufted so you can be sure that care has been taken over each part of its production. Contact us today to discuss a bespoke rug which perfectly fits that space in your home.