At ChangeSpace we have a large selection of indoor rugs which are all designed and made to the highest quality, using the finest materials available. The rugs come in a number of premium materials including silk, wool, linen, bamboo, abaca fibre, and viscose, and are all hand made.

Our rugs can add an extra dimension to any indoor space. From a comfortable, homely, centrepiece in a living room, to a soft carpet for your feet in the bedroom. They can provide an added feature in the dining room, and our durable, easy to clean rugs can also be ideal for use in that vacant space in the kitchen or utility room. These rugs are made using a number of different techniques and production methods, and while they provide different results and looks they are all of the highest quality. Whether they be hand tufted, hand woven, hand knotted or a combination of the two, the rugs have all been created with the utmost care and attention.

Many of our indoor rugs are customisable both in terms of size and design, meaning that you can find the perfect rug to fit the unique qualities of your home. Our bespoke indoor rugs allow you to create your own design based on the wide selection of rugs we have available on our website. At ChangeSpace you can be assured that the rug you purchase for your home is of the highest quality, and that these luxurious items will stand the test of time.