Changespace offer a wide range of contemporary rugs all produced to the highest standard using various handmade methods. Together with our contemporary range, we offer a fully bespoke rug services - the only limit is your imagination...

At Changespace we work side by side with our customers and our specially selected weavers and craftsmen to produce the highest quality contempt and bespoke handmade rugs on the market. Our selection contains a wide range of contemporary rugs which are all produced to the highest standard using various handmade methods. We have over 20 years experience in the industry, and produce everything from hand woven to knotted and tufted designer rugs. Each piece is carefully constructed to produce a luxurious addition to any space.

Whether its linen or cowhide, wool or silk, or a mixture of both, you will find the design and material which matches your needs. We also stock some of the latest additions to the handmade rug market including bamboo silk, tencel, fibre glass, and various synthetic fibres which create attractive but hard wearing rugs.

Some rugs are ideal centrepieces for a living room, while others are extremely soft to the touch making them ideal for bedrooms or other areas of the home graced by bare feet.

We also stock hard-wearing rugs which are used in kitchens and other areas where a more durable rug is required, and these carpets can also be used in the workplace, at the office, and are also ideal for hotels and reception areas.

There are a huge range of sizes, colours, shades, and designs available, so why not browse our range to see if there is something for your space? If you want to go one step further and create a rug which is unique to you, then we have a bespoke handmade rugs service available. Contact us today to find out more, and create the perfect luxurious new addition to your favourite space. Changespace is a proud partner of goodweave, ensuring our rugs are made by adult artisans, not children.

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